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Location:Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Hello. I exist.

I also exist on Livejournal as [ profile] cogitoergoilusi.

Interests (105):

air gear, anime, australia, avatar the last airbender, bad usernames, bartimaeus trilogy, boogiepop, boogiepop phantom, chaser's war on everything, chasers, descant recorder, dexter, did, doctor who, douglas adams, everyone's got misconceptions, fanfics that don't suck, fiction, fire, flcl, flute, fooly cooly, furi kuri, futakuchi-onna, gnw, good news week, h2g, hayashibara megumi, hellsing, incessxxxxx obsessxxxxx mopxxxx, iosys, jonathon stroud, knowing what time is, kuchisake-onna, librarian, library, mademaude, madotsuki, majin tantei nougami neuro, making music, manga, matching snowflakes, megumi hayashibara, miyazaki, monty python's flying circus, moro, mpd, mujina, music, mythology, neil gaiman, no-face, noppera-bo, noppera-bou, nopperabo, not sharing this interest, origami, psych, radiohead, reading, real definition of irony, recorder, red dwarf, runes, s-ai, satoshi kon, sayonara zetsubou sensei, seccom masada-sensei, snow melting in spring, sometimes snow in april, sometimes wishing life neverended, soul eater, spooky electric, stxxxx dramaxxx xxxxity, t m revolution, tamora pierce, tank girl, terry pratchett, the chasers, the killers, the pillows, the slayers, torchwood, tori amos, touhou, treble recorder, visual novels, vn, vocaloid, writing, xxher pxxplx's shamxxx, xxmi-xxid living, xxx xxxxxing posex, xxx xxxxxx, xxxgetting whoxx xxxlish, xxxholic, xxxly xxxly, xxxx, xxxxday haxxxx cxxxs, xxxxpy slxxxp xxbits, xxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxing xxxxxively xxxxxantly, youkai, yume nikki
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